Victorian Style Leaded Art Glass Terrarium Designs

My leaded art glass terrarium designs.

Thanks for looking at one of the most frequently viewed pages on my site. These are not poorly built or mass produced items from some far off country but unique individually constructed custom pieces made in my small single artist studio in Durham, NC. Except for my "Small Garden", most require 20+ hours to construct.

So a general comment about the price range may be in order. Except for the small garden, none of my handmade terrariums are under $300. If I'm not busy, or you can wait until so, I offer a 10% discount. If multiple units are purchased at the same time, I offer a small discount on all units ordered to reflect my setup time savings. Both discounts may apply at the same time.

All my terrarium designs having a Victorian "feel". The larger terrarium designs have interior volumes from 1.5 to almost 2 sq. ft. and are true small Wardian Case units for the serious indoor plant grower. I also offer an option of a lead free terrarium in my Small Garden design and the optional Bevel House unit.

DIY kits for building your own Small Garden are also available.

Details about each design are contained in the fact sheet that you can download via the links provided. Each is a one page PDF file.

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Terrarium Designs

My Terrarium Designs are list below. Click on the image on the left in each row to go to the associated page on my site.

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