Lead-Free Bevel House Terrarium Designs

My leaded art glass terrarium designs.

All my Terrarium designs have a Victorian "feel". The larger terrarium designs with interior volumes of 1.5 to almost 2 sq. ft. are true Wardian Case for the serious indoor plant grower. This design is my first larger lead-free terrarium. Details about each design are contained in the fact sheet that you can download via the links provided. Each is a one page PDF file.

Stained Glass - Lead-free Bevel House Terrarium Stained Glass - Lead-free Bevel House Sideview A Lead-free Bevel House:
The Bevel House design is an art glass design influenced by the common bevels used in Victorian windows called "house bevels" due to their shape.

So for my Bevel House Terrarium there are a number of possible layouts available:

To obtain the Information Sheet on the Lead-free Bevel House Terrarium, a one page PDF file, use the following link -- Lead-free Bevel House Info. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

An additional photograph showing the roof constructed from 4" by 6" rectangular bevels.

Stained Glass - Lead-free Bevel House Roof