A Geodesic Domed Terrarium Design

My leaded art glass terrarium designs.

All having a Victorian "feel". The larger terrarium designs, with interior volumes of 1.5 to almost 2 sq ft, are true Wardian Case for the serious indoor plant grower. I also offer an option of a lead free terrarium, in my Small Garden design. Details about each design are contained in the fact sheet that you can download via the links provided. Each is a one page PDF file.

Geodesic Dome Terrarium Design Geodesic Dome Design:

This terrarium design is new as of April 2019. It has a base made of ten sides with a V2 Geodesic Dome top. A V2 class Geodesic hemisphere has 10 sides so this dictates the base structure. A V2 class structure, independent of physical size, is constructed from 40 triangular segments of two sizes. A Geodesic structure is not Victorian as this structural form was first designed and patented shortly after WWI. However the base and domed top still has a Victorian feel, at least to me.

As with all my terrarium designs the Geodesic Dome is removable and the garden is contained within a removable plastic tray.

The terrarium description is as follows:

The images show a design with the lower base border done using a Spectrum White / Medium Green Opal glass and the small strip at the top of the base a Spectrum Light Green Cathedral Glass. There are many opal and cathedral colors available so color selection is based on your taste and decor needs. This is what truly custom one of a kind work is all about!

To obtain the Information Sheet on my Geodesic Dome Terrarium, a one page PDF file, use the following link -- Geodesic Dome Info. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

The images below show different views of my Geodesic Dome Terrarium:

View of the Geodesic Dome Geodesic Dome detail