DIY Terrarium Build Instructions and Kits


Small Garden Flat Top DIY Sample Small Garden Peaked Top DIY Sample Learning how to build one of my larger terrariums would require a 2 or 3 day visit to my small studio in the Raleigh / Durham area of North Carolina. However, my Small Garden should be able to be constructed by a hobbyist familiar with glass cutting and lead came with the proper instructional information.

On the left is an image of the Small Garden Flat Top unit I constructed to document my build.

On the right is an image of the Small Garden Peaked Top unit.

I offer a detailed building instruction document and a package of the unique items needed, a Basic Kit. I also offer a Came Kit that contains all the lead came cut to the sizes needed. The Basic Kit is ship in a USPS Medium Size Priority box. If ordered at the same time, the Came Kit is shipped at no additional cost in the same USPS box.

In the materials lists I indicate the amount of glass needed but feel the glass selection should be up to the builder.

Details and Packages

The Instruction Document is a PDF file. This document is sent electronically. So you can judge the detail level, here is a link to the first 8 pages of the Instruction Document for the Flat Top Garden. Sample DIY Small Garden document

I also supply: What's in the kits, the general tools and materials you supply, and the detail materials to build a Flat Top terrarium in the following five PDF document links:

Pricing and How to Order the Terrarium Kits

The Basic kit cost includes shipping, via a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box. If the Came Kit is ordered at the same time it ships for no additional charge.

If you are interested please send an email to arrange payment. I only accept Credit Cards via PayPal.