Standard Stained Glass Designs

Stained Glass Design 150 Photograph My Standard stained glass designs shown include religious art, bevel arrangements with a Frank Lloyd Wright influence, Victorian style terrariums, my Circle-In-Square Design ™ and other styles. These designs offered here have two major components: the physical layout and the color of the glass used in the appropriate areas.

The photo link at the left shows my rectangular bevel layout, with a Frank Lloyd Wright influence, in both the layout and minimal color usage.

The Standard Glass Designs list below presents:

If you want to view all available standard designs on a single page use this link View All Standard Glass Designs. This loads a large page with many images so you may need a fairly high-speed connection.

Smaller items on this page can be shipped internationally using the First-Class Package International Service of the USPS.

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Standard Stained Glass Designs

The list presents information about each design. Click on the image on the left in each row to go to the associated page on my site.

Spectrum WaterGlass ® samples

The images below presents some of the Spectrum WaterGlass ® colors I use. This is a special texture that only Spectrum produces. To quote from their catalogue "Spectrum WaterGlass ® is a natural surface texture created by stretching the hot glass sheet while it is still in a pliable state. The result is gentle, rolling waves that resemble the surface of a lake or stream."

Spectrum offers over 35 colors in the WaterGlass ® texture line. Blues and Greens have the most shades. Most other colors have a few shades like Reds that have two.

See the Spectrum Art Glass page link off the Additional Information on the Home Page, for facts about art glass and how to view glass color samples online at the Spectrum Glass site.

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