Custom Stained Glass Flower Designs

Flower Designs

Custom Stained Glass Dogwood Flower Hanging The photo link at the left shows my Dogwood Flower hanging panel.

I've been creating stained glass flower designs since 2002. My first flowers were 10" by 7" ovals with a white opal glass background. I called them "Cameo" flowers. Having gotten requests for larger floral designs, I started making 10" circular patterns to be used within a larger stained glass hanging. The photo at the right shows a Dogwood Floral design in this style. The same design element is used in my circular hangings with wine bottle bottoms forming a rim around the inner design.

My latest floral design, 10/2021, is the Daisy Flower hanging shown below.

General floral stained glass design features are:

The list presents information about each design. Click on the image on the left in each row to go to the associated page on my site.

Stained Glass Flower Designs

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