Custom Fused Glass Protea Flower and Duiker Herd

I no longer do fusing. Please use the link above to go to the current home page.

Custom Fused Glass Protea Flower A Herd of Duikers The photograph on the left shows a custom fused glass blank 6" wide by 11" high depicting a Protea Flower. The protea flower, of which there are many types, is the national flower of South Africa.

With the many small red flower heads and the delicate support stems this is an idea candidate for fusing. In my opinion, the only way to achieve a piece like this is with fusing. The red heads are small pieces of Spectrum Cherry Red Cathedral glass while the stalk supports are Terracotta Glassline fusing paint. With this combination of materials the delicate detail of the flower can be achieved. The main flower stem is Spectrum Woodland Brown Opal and the leaves are Spectrum Medium Green Cathedral glass.

A fused blank like this could be used as a simple hanging by incorporating metal hooks within the upper corners or it could be integrated into a larger stained glass piece.

Since I was doing a South African motif I thought it was appropriate to also try fusing a small group of Duikers. The small panel shown on the right is 7.56" wide by 5.5"high. The red paint outlines are fused into the clear glass blank.