Stained Glass Cameo Flower Designs

This stained glass window hanging flower design was influenced by a cameo that I remember my grandmother had. The dimensions are 10" by 7".

Each leaded stained glass Cameo Flower window hanging has a single flower with a few leaves set against a contrasting background. The cameo is usual constructed from opal glass. Some opal glass is wispy or translucent while others, like the yellow flower centers, are almost opaque. The inner part of the hanging uses copper foil (covered with lead solder). The outer edge is lead came. I have chosen to do designs for a tulip, lily, rose, and iris since these can be realistically depicted without an excessive number of individual glass pieces.

No cement is applied. A small hook and chain is included with each flower. All leaves are Hunter Green Wispy Spectrum Opal glass. The photographs show four flowers:

Stained Glass - Cameo Lily Stained Glass - Cameo Iris

Stained Glass - Cameo Tulip Stained Glass - Cameo Rose

These art glass flowers are priced from $75 (as of 5/2020) plus shipping.

If you would be interested in some Cameo Flower please contact me by email.

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