Small Garden Terrarium Designs

My leaded art glass terrarium designs.

All having a Victorian "feel". The larger terrarium designs, with an interior volume of 1.5 to almost 2 sq ft, are true Wardian Cases for the serious indoor plant grower. I also offer an option of a lead free terrarium, in my Small Garden design. Details about each design are contained in the fact sheet that you can download via the links provided. Each is a one page PDF file.

My Small Garden Design:

My Small Garden was initially constructed for a young child's cactus garden as a lead free design using the foil method. This design is still available as a special order item. Stained Glass - Small Garden Flat Top Stained Glass - Small Garden Peaked Top

The design is offered in two styles:

The interior shape is an approximately a 9" cube with a total volume of 0.4 cubic feet.

Like my other terrarium designs:

The lower trim is available in many opal glass colors. The upper curved segments of the side walls are usually done in a Spectrum Light Green Artique or Spectrum Light Blue WaterGlass. The rest of the walls and top are clear glass.

To obtain the Information Sheet on My Small Garden Terrarium, a one page PDF file, use the following link -- Small Garden Info. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

Stained Glass - Small Garden Terrarium As a special order item my Small Garden - Flat Top can be constructed using lead free solder, see image on right. This makes the terrarium safe for a child to handle. However, the cost is significantly more due to the cost of lead-free solder. Because of the structure of the Peaked Top, this style is not available in a lead free option.