Shipping Limitations and Multi Section Panel Designs.

Two Section Celtic Heart Unit Two Section Installed Client Image My general size limitation for a single piece panel is the sum of the length plus the height should be 50" or less.

The reason is two fold:

I've designed and constructed many glass units that cover large areas that use multiple sections that are assembled during installation.

I'll show the solution in two different situations.

The first set of images shows a Celtic Two Heart interior window, similar to some of my transoms but much larger, constructed in two sections. The two sections total a height of 48" by a width of 24". The left image shows the sections on my workbench. You may be able to notice that the central horizontal came line, where the two hearts touch, is a little thicker. This is the "join" line for the unit where the two sections overlap. The right image shows the unit installed in my client's home in a space between two rooms.

The second set of images show the solution to a 96" long by 12" high interior transom space. The design used 3 sections of 32" each to span the space.

Long Transom Client Space Long Transom One Unit Long Transom Three Units

These images shows two situations that required a multi section design approach to my client's needs and represent the potential range of solutions available.

So if you have a large area that you want to cover just send me an email and I will discuss design options that will fill the space, meet your design needs, and be able to be shipped.