Custom Stained Glass Transoms

My general size limitation for a single piece panel is the sum of the length plus the height should be 50" or less. For larger panels a design using multiple sections, assembled during installation, is used. For more information see my Large Panel Shipping Limitations page.

Celtic Claddagh Transom

Celtic Claddagh Transom Here is a Celtic transom featuring a central Claddagh design. The full transom is 52" wide and 10" wide. The Claddagh segment is approximately 10" wide by 8" high. The Claddagh element, as shown below, can be easily scaled in size, keeping the length to height ratio fixed, so that it could be used in many art glass window panels of different dimensions.

Celtic Claddagh Design Claddagh central element sized at approximately 10" wide by 8" high.

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Celtic Two Hearts Transom

Stained Glass Celtic Heart Transom Here is a Celtic Knot transom. The design shown uses two facing heart knots. The hearts knot clusters are from Warner Art Glass. The panel is 36" wide and 12" high.

The inner glass segments, within the bevels of the knot, are light green GNA glass to help define the bevels. The rest of the glass is Spectrum Clear Baroque ®, with it striking swirl lines. The outer border is composed of clear rectangular bevels. This panel has a zinc frame painted black to match wrought iron decor in the client's setting.

Custom Stained Glass - Celtic Knotin Blue This layout can also be fabricated using blue stained glass, as shown in the second image. In the photo the border is Spectrum Cobalt Blue WaterGlass ®, the small blue segments within the Celtic Knots is Spectrum Light Blue Artique ®, and the clear glass is Spectrum Clear Baroque ®. The photo shows two panels, approximately 15" high by 36" long. The color image has a Royal Scottish feel.

To see all my Celtic designs use this link: Celtic Designs

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Clear Glass and Bevels Transom Design

Clear Glass Transom The image on the left shows part of a set of transoms constructed in clear glass. The form is similar from the shortest unit, just 20" wide, to the longest one at 31". All units have the same height of 15". The particular sizes were for the specific needs of my client.

The simple lines and clear glass yield an elegant layout while the use of Spectrum Clear Baroque adds the special visual appear characteristic of this glass.

The layout is such that it can be constructed within a wide range of sizes. As shown this layout could be used in any space that is at least 12" high and 20" wide.

The center of each uses a similar 7 piece cluster with a 3" circular bevel at the center. The central bevel cluster is approximately 16" in width. The widest unit had room for star bevels on either side.

The design details are:

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Cobalt Wine Bottle Bottom Transom Design

Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Transom A custom interior soffit panel, a transom like panel positioned horizontally in an opening facing down, featured in the May 30, 2014 edition of "The Wall Street Journal" in the article "A Fine Home For Wine". This was a special item designed to the specifications of the client.

While this was a unique client request I have made many other large panels using wine bottle bottoms. So if such unique design style is of interest send me an email using the link at the bottom of this page. I would note that there are many artists that use wine bottles and wine bottle parts to make art objects in glass and fused glass. However, use of just the bottle bottom encircled with lead came and integrated into a larger piece, as shown in the two construction images, is a specialty I've refined.

Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Transom - Construction Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Transom reinforcement

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Some traditional Transom design layouts

Custom Stained Glass - Two Section Interior Door Transom A custom stained glass interior door transom made from Spectrum Clear Baroque ® glass with a center four piece fleur-de-lis bevel cluster, side 2" star bevels, and a border of 1.5" rectangular bevels. This arrangement can be made in many sizes. I have also used this design for exterior transoms.

Due to UPS and FedEx Ground shipping limitations single panels can be constructed up to about 36" in length, the length of standard single door interior openings. Larger sizes like those over double doors and French doors can be made by using overlapping sections as shown in the photograph.

The transom shown is constructed from two sections for a total length of 54" and a height of 12". In the photograph, the top section is the right side while the bottom section is the left side. The overlap came line is thinner then the edge zinc came.

Custom Stained Glass - Transom in Blue and Frosted Glass The second transom in this group, on the left, uses frosted glass, three 3" bevels with frosted tops, and a Spectrum Cobalt Blue WaterGlass ® trim. The effect, especially with the curved end pieces, has a Victorian feel.

Custom Stained Glass - Transom in Blue and Scallop Center The third image, on the right, is a variation of the first blue piece. It features a 12 piece bevel cluster in the form of a Scallop Shell at the center, at about 6" high. It is 36" wide but only 8.5" high. The thin interior border is Spectrum Cobalt Medium Blue WaterGlass ®.

Custom Stained Glass - Transom with pineapples The fourth image in this group, on the left, shows a 12" by 48" unit that uses star bevels and two Pineapple bevel clusters. The clear glass is Spectrum WaterGlass®. The border is 1.5" rectangular bevels.

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A Transom with your name (or house number)

Custom Stained Glass - Transom with letters The panel on the left is a family name panel 9.5" high and 19" wide. However, the height dimension is well within many of the transoms I have made. By using some star bevels on either side of the name, this design would work well in a transom layout.

The letters are Spectrum Medium Green WaterGlass ® surrounded by Spectrum Clear WaterGlass ®. The upper case B is 3" high. The outer bevel border uses inside corner bevels for a little extra effect. The letters could be done in any color.

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Fleur-de-lis Transoms

Custom Stained Glass - A Transom in Blue Custom Stained Glass- Transom Sizes Custom Stained Glass - A Transom in Green A transom doesn't have to be just clear glass and bevels, if you want color just inquire.

The photograph on the right top shows a transom, approximately 12" by 32", done in Spectrum Sky Blue WaterGlass ® in the central area with an outer border of clear rectangular bevels. The star bevels are also clear glass.

The photograph on the right bottom shows a transom, approximately 11.5" by 32", done in Spectrum WaterGlass ® greens: the outer border is Hunter Green and the inner glass is Sea Green. The bevels shown are pale green. Note: The central fleur-de-lis bevel cluster is no longer available in green but is available in clear. The star bevels are available in green.

Transoms can be constructed in many lengths, as all my work is custom one piece at a time creations. The photo on the left shows three Fleur-de-lis units using Spectrum Clear Baroque ® in 24", 26", and 30" lengths. All are 12" high. The units have the same form achieved by selecting different bevel lengths for the border regions. Thus each has the same number of bevels along the border segments.

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Art Deco Transom

Art Deco Custom Stained Glass - Transom Art Deco Custom Stained Glass - Moon Transom The photograph on the left shows a transom for a single width doorway. It is 28" wide and 14" high. The white glass is Spectrum clear translucent (307S) while the small yellow segments are Spectrum semi-translucent yellow opal. All the clear glass segments are Spectrum Clear WaterGlass ®. The lead came used is two different sizes, most is flat 1/4" with some flat 3/8".

The golden tone of the clear glass is due to the fall background viewed through this window.

The photo on the right shows a variation of my "Rising Suns" panels. This is a Moon transom. The moon is made from Spectrum Firelight Opal®. See my page on Arts and Crafts designs for images of the "Rising and Setting" sun panels.

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Southern Magnolia Transom

Custom Stained Glass - Southern Magnolia Transom I now live in the South, in North Carolina. So for all in the South and those that just like southern flowers here is a transom where the main design feature is a large Southern Magnolia. The glass surrounding the flower is Spectrum Clear Rough Rolled. The Border is a Spectrum Wispy Ivory Opal. The flower is made from Spectrum White Opal with a Solid Yellow Opal center. The leaves are a two toned green Spectrum WaterGlass ®.

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Turn of the Century Size Transoms (the 1900's one)

Custom Stained Glass - Squares Transom Custom Stained Glass - House Bevel Transom Here are two transoms with dimensions commonly seen in 1900's homes. Each is 20" high and 32" wide.

The unit on the right uses large bevels called double house in the center, half double house on the sides, plus 3" square and half square bevels to fill out the top and bottom.

The unit on the left uses a 4 piece bevel cluster, some 3" square and half square bevels, a rectangular bevel border along with some Spectrum amber opal glass.

Other layouts are possible using house, half house, square and half square bevels as shown below. While house bevels only come in one width and two heights, if they are combined with squares and half squares a range of sizes are possible. If a border is added then almost any size can be accommodated.

Below are three layouts.
The first is 30" wide and 13.5" high using house bevels and square and half square bevels.
The second is 30" wide and 0.5" high using house and half house bevels.
The third is 30.75" wide and 14.75" high and has a top and bottom border made from 1" rectangular bevels.

Custom Stained Glass - House Bevel Transom One Custom Stained Glass - House Bevel Transom Two Custom Stained Glass - House Bevel Transom Three

If you are interested in using House Bevel Transom Designs by George McGinn there is additional information available about sizes and layouts that can be constructed with House Bevels. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

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Transom Installation

For information about how my transoms are installed please use the link to go to the following page. Transom Installation Information page.

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