Celtic and Scottish Stained Glass Designs

Celtic Knot Information Document

To see a PDF fact sheet (450 Kb) for some of my Celtic Knot designs, including current costs, use the following link -- Celtic Knot Panel Information. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

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My general size limitation for a single piece panel is the sum of the length plus the height should be 50" or less. For larger panels a design using multiple sections, assembled during installation, is used. For more information see my Large Panel Shipping Limitations page.

Celtic Claddagh Transom

Celtic Claddagh Transom Here is a Celtic transom featuring a central Claddagh design. The full transom is 52" wide and 10" wide. The Claddagh segment is approximately 10" wide by 8" high. The Claddagh element can be easily scaled in size, keeping the length to height ratio fixed, so that it could be used in many art glass window panels of different dimensions.

Celtic Claddagh Design On the right is the transom's Claddagh central element sized at approximately 10" wide by 8" high.

To see all my transom designs use this link: Transoms

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Celtic Two Hearts Transom

Stained Glass Celtic Heart Transom Here is a Celtic Knot transom. The design shown uses two facing heart knots. The hearts knot clusters are from Warner Art Glass. The panel is 36" wide and 12" high.

The inner glass segments, within the bevels of the knot, are light green GNA glass to help define the bevels. The rest of the glass is Spectrum Clear Baroque ®, with it striking swirl lines. The outer border is composed of clear rectangular bevels. This panel has a zinc frame painted black to match wrought iron decor in the client's setting.

To see all my transom designs use this link: Transoms

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Celtic Two Hearts Large Panel

Celtic Heart Large Panel Celtic Heart Large Panel Build The image on the left shows a variation of my Celtic Two Heart Knot transom installed in a client's home. The panel, made in two sections for shipping, is approximately 24" wide and 48" high.

The inner glass segments, within the bevels of the knot, are light green Spectrum Artique® glass to help define the bevels. The rest of the glass is Spectrum Clear WaterGlass®. The panel's border is rectangular bevels of various lengths and 1.5" wide. The panel is inserted into an interior opening between a dressing room and a bedroom.

Spectrum WaterGlass® was used to yield a little more privacy over the Spectrum Clear Baroque®.

The image on the right shows the panel during construction. The central horizontal lead line, between the tips of the two hearts, can be seen as slightly thicker. This is the point where the two sections are joined together during installation.

This panel illustrates one of the many possible variations for one of my designs.

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Celtic Knots

Stained Glass Celtic Knot hanging design The large Celtic Knot window hanging shown below has a zinc outer came edge. The outer border is Spectrum Emerald Green Waterglass ®. The inner border is made from 1.5" rectangular bevels. A light green GNA glass surrounds the central 25-piece bevel Celtic Knot on both the inside and outside. The bevel cluster and internal GNA glass is done with foil, to hide less of the bevel surfaces. The rest of the panel uses lead came.

As shown, this window hanging is 22" by 22". A perfect Celtic present for that special person, perhaps you!

The Celtic Knot bevel cluster is from Warner Art Glass, one of my glass suppliers.

A hanging of this size could be put into a hardwood frame if desired. I make my own framing and stock oak, cherry, walnut and mahogany. Other wood species are available as special order.

Stained Glass Celtic Knot in Red I have used the same cluster in an octagonal panel. The photo on the right shows the cluster set into a 20" octagonal panel. The outer border is Spectrum Ruby Red / Amber Waterglass ®, the small glass pieces that are surrounded by the bevel elements are Spectrum Light Amber Artique ®, and the eight glass elements between the border and the cluster are Spectrum Clear Baroque ®.

The outer zinc came is painted.

With the red and amber glass the panel takes on a more traditional Scottish feel, in my opinion.

Other Celtic Knots, Trefoils and Hearts, available from Warner Art Glass or Delphi Glass, make beautiful pieces. I show four below as samples. The large Trefoil on the left is 14" by 14", the small Trefoil as well as the Trefoil within a Circle in the center are 10" by 10" and the Heart panel on the right is 12" by 16". Stained Glass Celtic Trefoil Knot - large design Stained Glass Celtic Trefoil Knot - small design

Stained Glass Celtic Trefoil and Circle Knot Stained Glass Celtic Heart Knot design

Celtic Heart Knot This panel has a standard Celtic Heart Knot intertwined with an Infinity Knot and a double border of WaterGlass®.

The knot segments are Spectrum Cathedral Emerald Green glass. The panel has a double border of Spectrum Cobalt Blue WaterGlass® and then Spectrum Emerald Green WaterGlass®. The interior glass within the knot segments and from the knot segments to the blue border is Spectrum Clear Artique® glass. The fine surface texture of the Artique® glass is a little overstated in this image.

The panel is set into an American Cherry hardwood frame that appears dark in the photo on the left. The additional small photo shows a more natural view of the cherry wood in a corner of the frame. Frame corner

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Celtic Cross

Stained Glass Celtic Cross hanging design This Celtic Cross window hanging is show with just the zinc outer came edge. The outer border is Spectrum Emerald Green Waterglass ®. A variety of clear textured glass can be used to surround the central 8-piece bevel Celtic Cross. As shown this window hanging is 10" by 10". The four bevel cross arms are clear glass while the four circular bevel segments are a light green glass. The bevels and textured glass in the lower part of the hanging show their character better in this photo. Another perfect Celtic present.

The Celtic Cross bevel cluster is also from Warner Art Glass, one of my glass suppliers.

For a hanging of this size I would usually not put it into a hardwood frame. However, a thin wood frame, about 3/4" wide, would be possible if desired.

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Celtic Family Name

Stained Glass Celtic Family Name hanging design Your family name set in frosted glass. The shamrocks are optional. An alternative to shamrocks are Celtic crosses. This stained glass design can be made as a window hanging or supplied with a hardwood stand for use on a mantel or table. Letters are in Emerald Green glass and the shamrocks are green bevel clusters. The outer edge is zinc came. The size of this stained glass hanging depends on the letters in the name.

The McGinn hanging above is 21" long and 10" high.

Stained Glass Family Name design with base To the left is another name panel with the optional wood frame and stand. The Mac Laren hanging is 20" long on a 22" base. The frame and base are red oak with Minwax ® Golden Oak stain and Clear Satin Wipe-On Poly polyurethane finish.

Custom Stained Glass - Family Name with bevels A third family name panel below has an outer bevel border with inside corner bevels for a little extra effect. It is 9.5" high and 19" wide with the 6-letter name. The letters are Spectrum Medium Green Waterglass ® surrounded by Spectrum Clear Waterglass ®. The upper case B is 3" high. The letters could be done in any color.

You could also go to my page devoted to all family names.

To view a page devoted to all types of family name panels you can use this link Custom Family Name Panels.
If you take this link you will need to use your browser back arrow to return to this page.

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Celtic Knot and Monogram

Stained Glass Celtic Knot and Monogram hanging design When the last name is long or a smaller hanging is desired a solution is a Monogram design with a Celtic knot included.

The knot shown on the right is sometimes called a trinity knot and is from Warner Art Glass

The inner glass segments of the knot are light green GNA glass. The Monogram letter as well as the border are Emerald Green Waterglass ® from Spectrum Glass. The bevel cluster and the monogram are surrounded with frosted glass.

This panel is 13" wide and 19" high.

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Celtic House Name

Stained Glass Celtic Knot Family Name house design A house name sign with a Celtic touch. The design is an adaptation of a Celtic Knot design I saw in a church window in St. Louis, MO.

The stained glass used are: Spectrum Clear Waterglass ®, the weave design and letters are Spectrum Emerald Green Artique ® glass, and accent border is Spectrum Cathedral Medium Amber rough rolled glass. The green weave lines enclose four 1.5" square bevels.

The size of this family name house sign is 22" by 28". The size is determined by your family name. In this piece the came is brass but it can also be done using lead came. An oak frame supports the piece and is connected to a porch post, on the left of the photograph.

I've only taken the house sign down once, when a hurricane was planning a visit to our area in North Carolina.

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Scottish Thistle

Stained Glass Scottish Thistle design A Scottish Thistle window panel that incorporates Celtic crosses in the corners and a thistle design in the center. The design is by Wally Turnbull, a neighbor and friend, for whom I made the first two window hangings as bathroom window covers.

The stained glass colors and textures are: Spectrum Purple Waterglass ® for the flower head, Spectrum Sea /Olive Green Waterglass ® for the flower stem and leaves, double glue chip for the thin long clear regions, and Tsunami clear textured glass, by Duncan Glass, for the larger clear regions. The centers of the Celtic Crosses are 35mm clear jewels.

The Tsunami textured glass, by Duncan Glass, in no longer available from the manufacturer as on early 2007. There are a number of similar clear textures that can be used.

This window insert is 20" by 20" including an white oak frame.

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