The Artist - George McGinn

My name is George McGinn. I've been in North Carolina since 1996. Prior to that I spent all my life in New York State. Believe me, I don't miss the snow. Creating stained glass artwork is one of my favorite things to do as an artist. The pieces offered here are medium sized window hanging designs. The Standard Stained Glass Designs and Floral Stained Glass Designs are approximately 9" by 9" to 12" by 15" for easily shipping by FedEx. The Custom Stained Glass Designs vary in size. Most can be shipped via FedEx.

I've been creating custom glass and hardwood items since 2001. My site has many photo images, some 300+. All are images of items I've made. They represent a fraction of the many items I've done. Special very unique items, items too large to ship, and items so complex they cost over $500 are not included. For direct delivery, especially large item, you must be in driving distance of the greater Raleigh - Durham NC area. For local clients installation is also available.

Some items I've made a number of times: most Transom designs, some of my terrarium designs, etc. Other designs have only been done once since 2001.

Each piece is handmade and signed by me in my studio in Durham, NC. My images are organized by year by client and number in the 1,00's. The total number of pieces I can make is limited since, as a retiree from the technology/teaching world, I like to start at 10 AM and quit, for a glass of wine, by 4 PM. I have a PhD in Theoretical Physics but that was from another age!

Large commissioned designs, over 3 foot in any dimension or 5 square foot total, usually require direct consultation, an inspection of the area where the glass will be installed, and delivery of the piece. Thus such commissioned work is limited to the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary communities of North Carolina, unless you live near St. Louis, MO, or Rochester and Owego NY, where some of our children live.

As my "Doing Business As" (DBA) tax name implies, George McGinn - Woodcrafts, I also do woodworking! Mostly Shaker and Mission style reproductions in hardwoods like oak, walnut, American cherry, and mahogany. The woodwork is done mostly by hand although I have a few hand power tools. I use a number of handsaws and planes that were my grandfather's, John McGinn. He worked as a construction carpenter in the 1920's and 30's. I include some pieces on the Woodworking page accessible from the Home Page. If you are interested in handmade quality hardwood items, each with a small brass plate indicating the year I made it, send me an email.

Finally, if you ever visit the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina please give a call (919-544-2898) or send an e-mail to see if we can setup a time to stop in. I live about 2 miles west of RTP just off I-40 in Southwest Durham.