Stained Glass Circle-In-Square Design by George ™

Custom Stained Glass Circle-In-Square Design for a Kitchen Window Custom Stained Glass Circle-In-Square Hanging Design

On the left is shown a "Circle-In-Square Design by George" ™ for the upper half of a double hung kitchen window. The dimensions are 15" high and 31" long.

On the right is shown a small hanging layout. The dimensions are 15.5" high and 9" wide.

This custom stained glass design offers an easily scaled basic pattern. Each Circle-In-Square is 6" by 6" and is composed of five pieces of glass. With different colored glasses and the 6" by 6" unit dimension many sizes and color arrangements can be accommodated. With a border trim added, as shown here, almost any size can be accommodated.

This custom stained glass design can be used for a window hanging or a full window insert.