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General Site Design Information

After a stable site for a few years, the following major changes have occurred since early 2014.

Since the 2001 start of my site the underlying design has remained unchanged.

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Additional Information

General additional information about my site.

For site maintenance I use the following tools:

Migration to HTM5 and CSS3 Comments:

The previous site level had all pages at HTML 4.01 Strict and used 2 CSS style sheets.

My strategy in moving to HTML 5 and CSS3 was:

How site statistics (old 2014 stats) influenced my approach to migration:

Some test and coding thoughts:

The CSS3 approach to having a single CSS3 file that handles all style issues:

The HTML approach is as follows:

My migration work bench:

Migration to Achieve Google Green status Comments:

My strategy in moving to Mobile Friendly was:

I need to monitor site performance, page usage and any visitor feedback for a few months (as of 5/2015) to see if additional changes are appropriate.

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