Stained Glass Design HEX - A 9.5" Hexagonal Bevel Cluster

Custom Hex Bevel Cluster This bevel cluster is of my own design. The hexagonal layout is 9.5" across. The layout could be used without a border for a large suncatcher window hanging.

My original intent is to surround this central cluster with a hexagonal border in the 1.5" to 2.0" width range. This would yield a hanging in the 13" to 15" range, measured across opposite sides. The color of the border is decided by the client's taste.

The cluster is constructed from 27 stock diamond bevels, each 1.75" by 3.0". Three of the bevels are cut in half for the small triangular pieces at the center of each side. Thus the hexagonal pattern contains 30 bevel segments. To me it has the feel of some old-time quilt pattern or a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex sign. The large amount of bevel surface yields a very striking visual image in a small surface space.