Stained Glass Design 150 - A Bevel Window Hanging

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Stained Glass Design 150 Photograph A stained glass window hanging bevel arrangement, 9" wide and 13" long, using 1.5" wide rectangular bevels of various lengths with a narrow colored stained glass border. No cement used. The colored border uses Light Purple (Mauve) glass, Spectrum Waterglass ® color number 142W.

The border is usually one of the 6 colors listed in the Spectrum Waterglass ® Colors table which is just below the Designs table. Other colors, such as this Light Purple, are available for an additional small charge. See the Spectrum Art Glass section for all Waterglass colors available. While the width of this design is 9" the length varies depending on the bevels selected and can range from 12" to 15"

This design uses multiple bevels in each vertical column, usually 3 to 5 bevels per column. The length of each bevel may vary but the sum of the lengths in each column is the same. Usually there is a "pattern" to the columns. The photograph shows a design with two bevels per column except in the central column that has 3 bevels. Columns 1 & 2 and columns 4 & 5 are similar but have the bevels inverted vertically.

The general design has a Frank Lloyd Wright influence. A variation of this design allows for a few of the bevels to be replaced by colored glass. So there are many possible layouts.

Special order arrangements: This design can be made in a wide range of lengths and widths. So if you would desire a different size just send me an email indicating the size and border color desired.