Stained Glass Design 101 - 4-Pointed Star with border

Stained Glass Design 101 Photograph A stained glass window hanging made from a 4-Pointed Star bevel cluster surrounded by Spectrum Baroque clear glass with a 1.5" border of Ruby Red glass, Spectrum Waterglass ® color number 152W.

The inner glass in this photograph is Spectrum Clear Baroque instead of frosted glass. Spectrum Baroque has a swirling surface texture clearly evident in this photograph. Frosted glass is usually used for the inner section surrounding the star bevel. Frosted glass has a finer surface texture.

The stained glass border uses one of the 6 colors listed in the Spectrum Waterglass ® Colors table which is just below the Designs table. Other colors are available for an additional small charge. See the Spectrum Art Glass section for all Waterglass colors available.