Stained Glass Design 001 - Circle-In-Square Design

A single unit "Circle-In-Square Design by George" ™ can be shipped internationally using the First-Class Package International Service of the USPS.

Stained Glass Design 001 Photograph Stained glass "Circle-In-Square Design by George" ™ - showing a 2 by 2 unit section of a larger piece. This shows stained glass color and texture mixes used within an almost repeating pattern.

This basic building block for a window hanging or insert is a 6" by 6" square with a 4" diameter circle at the center, is made from 5 pieces of glass. Standard window hangings and window inserts are made from: 1, 2 by 2, 2 by 3, 3 by 3, and 3 by 4 of these 6" by 6" units.

The range of stained glass colors and textures is unlimited. I usually recommend three to four colors and two surface textures. A template to layout the window hanging design is supplied to help you select the color placements to match your decoration needs.