Shipping Costs for Stained Glass Designs

Packaging for Glass Panels

All stained glass and art glass items are shipped FedEx Ground from Durham, NC. Of course if you live near Durham you could pick your order up at no charge or I could deliver it for a small fee. The ground shipping costs referenced here are for the 48 contiguous states. Please contact me for rate estimates for other locations in North America.

The packing technique used for these leaded glass items employs a double box method that yields a very low damage rate. An individual stained glass item is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box. Up to four additional similar sized pieces may be placed in this same inner box, each wrapped in bubble wrap. This box is then placed in a larger box surrounded with packing peanuts. This double protection technique requires someone to jump on the middle of the box or run over the box with a truck to do damage.

Inner Shipping Box Outer Shipping Box Since the start of 2006 I have added a backing board to the inner shipping box for long panels like transoms. The backing board is made from an engineered wood product usually used for roof sheathing. It is 7/16" thick and has the property of being very flat. The purpose of the board is to make the package more resistant to any long axis twisting while in transit.

The inner shipping box consists of the glass panel, in this case transoms, wrapped in bubble wrap and then put into a cardboard box. This box is then strapped to the backing board to make a rigid unit, if appropriate.

The photo on the left shows the inner packing for two shipping units. The shorter unit has two transoms of the same length. In this case there is a cardboard sheet between the bubble wrapped panels within the box. For this unit the edge of the backing board is just visible in the photo. The second unit contains a single transom 8" longer than the other two. Thus it must be shipped separately. This unit is shown with the backing board facing the camera.

Packing units like those shown above are then placed into a larger outer box for shipping. The outer box surrounds the inner unit with shipping peanuts. There is a cardboard baffle strip placed in the outer box for the inner packing unit to rest on. This makes sure that the inner unit cannot shift to the bottom of the outer box during shipping. About 60% of the bubble wrap and shipping peanuts I use are new. To date, all boxes are made from recycled cardboard shipping boxes. The outer boxes tend to be large, often just below the OverSized One or Two FedEx shipping limit. The larger box in the photo above is 12" deep, 20" high, and 54" long. It contains the longer inner packing unit shown in the photo above.

Shipping Size Limitations

Packaging and handling fees, per shipping address, are as follows:

Ground Shipping and Insurance fees, via Fed Ex Ground:

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