Overstock Sale Items

Items for Sale:

Standard C69 Bevel Cluster As a sample of the items I show an image of the standard C69 cluster. This is a 16 piece bevel cluster that is 12" by 12" when assembled. I have three C69 clusters in my overstocked supply and offer them at $20 apiece.

The bevel cluster description, and image of the cluster, the number available, and the price per cluster is shown in a PDF file you can download. The document also shows a photo of the 30 mm circular jewels, the number and colors available and the price per jewel. Packing, shipping and insurance is extra and depends on the shipping address and the quantity of items desired. To obtain the PDF file, 3 pages in all, use the following link -- Overstock Sale Items - Quantity and Price. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.