Installing Floating Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Floating Engineered Flooring The photograph shows the installed floating engineered hardwood flooring in our living room area. I installed a total of 260 sq ft in the space shown and a 15 foot hallway. I used Tarkett Genesis ® engineered flooring available from Home Depot in their Harvest color shade, a golden oak stain level.

This photo also shows my magazine rack near the sofa and a small Myrtle wood table with a cherry shirt and legs that I made a few years ago. The Myrtle wood was from a small log a friend gave me while we were on a visit to Oregon. This species only grows in a few coastal counties in Oregon. It is noted for the brown tones with this table top shows off beautifully.

Now I do woodworking and have lots of hand tools and some power tools. Festool power tools are the best if you can afford them. But I have never installed hardwood flooring, either the traditional staple down or the newer engineered floating designs before. So this took me into an area where I was a novice. I'm now a little smarter and thought my experience notes might be of help to others. So read what I offer in good faith, integrate it into your experience and plans and hopefully you will be a little better prepared then I was.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my Tarkett Genesis Harvest finish engineered hardwood flooring and would highly recommend it to others. More importantly, so is my wife!