Handmade Premium Hardwood Wine Rack - for Built-In Shelves.

I no longer make this item. Please use the link above to go to the currently made Hardwood items.

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Wine Bottle Insert Rack I have made free standing wine racks for many years. Recently I constructed a wine rack to be inserted into a section of built-in wall shelves and thought this item might be of general interest.

The wine rack shown is for a built-in shelf space 39" wide, 12" high and 9 1/2"deep. This space is large enough for two rows of bottles with 9 bottles per row. However, the depth is too small to accommodate larger 1.75 liter bottles due to their length. The area's depth needs to be at least 12" for the larger bottles.

This photo shows a rack in American Walnut with a finish of three coats of Clear Satin Wipe-On Poly finish by MinWax. As with my free standing wine racks, I can handcraft these in Red Oak, American Cherry, American Walnut, or some exotic wood like Bubinga (one of the African Rosewoods), Zebrawood or any other exotic woods available.

Wine Bottle Installed Here is an image of the American Walnut wine rack installed in my client's built-in shelves. If you are interested in such a wine rack please contact me using the email link below. I need to know the width, depth and height of the opening to determine the possible layout. In general the depth should be at least 9".

I order my wood from Wall Lumber Co., about 80 miles from my home in Durham, NC. If you are interested in the exotic woods available you can go to their site using the link shown, click the Products item on the left of their Home Page and then take the Exotic Hardwood item - Wall Lumber Co.

To view the free standing wine racks I make use this link - Handmade Premium Hardwood Wine Rack - holds 24 bottles..