Custom Stained Glass Design - Wine Bottle Art Pieces

Custom Wine Bottle Art The photograph shows a 1.75 liter Wine Bottle converted into a lighted art piece. The lighting is provided by a 6 foot LED clear white rope light that is powered by standard 120 volt AC. The bottle used is clear glass. For a 750 ml bottle I use a 3 foot LED rope light

The power cord can be one of three options that are reflected in the price range.

It is possible for you to supply me with your own favorite bottle. In that case I would suggest send two as occasionally, when drilling the hole in the bottle back, a bottle will crack. The bottles should be normal wine bottles for the price range quoted. Sparkling wines bottles, due to the bottle thickness, would require a price quote.

I use FedEx Ground for all my shipping needs. In general the packing, shipping and insurance charge would be in the range of $10 (East Coast) to $20 (West Coast) for one art bottle. Multiple bottles, up to 4 total, would ship at $2 more per bottle. So if you might want a few, perhaps for gifts, there is a real cost savings for multiple art bottle orders.

Custom Wine Bottle Art Cord The LED light strip enters the bottom of the bottle as shown in this photo. The rope light end is positioned into a loose fit into the neck of the bottle. The base hole is a little oversized so that there is air flow within the bottle to minimize heat buildup. A bottle will become warm to the touch but not hot. LED rope lights usually list a use range of 20,000 to 50,000 hours. Such LED strips are not repairable but can be replaced if they fail.

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