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Fusing is the process where glass is heated in a kiln to a specific temperature so that a desired modification to the glass occurs. A kiln firing is heating the glass to one of these temperatures.

The vase shown here was created using a technique described by Paul Tarlow as "Kiln Pressed" glass. At the bottom of this page I give the link to Paul's tutorial on this method of creating a glass blank. This technique yields very different patterns and color shades from the traditional fuse or melt process.

A short description of this "Kiln Pressed" technique is as follows:

Kiln Press glass Kiln Press top load

The image on the left shows the stacked glass as well as my four small piles of kiln paper which set the thickness on the final pressed blank. I used 3/8" of kiln paper which compresses to the desired thickness of 1/4" during the firing. On the right I show my kiln with the second shelf and weights on it. The total kiln hardware weight is 17 lbs.

The kiln press blank is created during a long hold at 1500°. This is higher than a normal fuse firing but well below a full melt firing. The weights press the glass while the layers of clear glass keep the colors separated as they squeeze out. The effect is significantly different from a normal fusing of glass pieces and totally different from a full melt of the glass.

Kiln Press blank Kiln Press blank on mold

The image on the left shows the kiln press blank created. After the blank is cooled it is fired again to a "fire polish" temperature, 1360°, to remove the faint lines of the boundaries of the glass pieces that comprised the press.

The final step is a normal kiln firing to slump the glass blank over a stainless steel cup shaped mold. This shaping process forms the interesting folds and sloping shape of the final piece. The image on the right shows the glass blank positioned on top of the stainless steel mold. As the glass heats, to about 1250°, it will slowly slump and fold over this mold.

Vase side view Vase top view

The final two images show the vase, viewed at different positions. The vase is 3.5" tall and varies from 6" to 6.5" in width.

The vase shown is priced at $75 (as of March 2014). Packing, shipping and insurance for such a vase depends some on the distance from Durham, NC. Within the continental 48 states it is usually in the $15 to $25 range.

If you are interested in such custom glass art please contact me via the email link below. I would be especially interested in the colors you might like in your art piece.

You could read Paul's full description of "Kiln Press Glass Creation" on his site via this link, [Please note you will need to use your browser's back arrow to return to this site.] Paul's Kiln Press Tutorial

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