Custom Stained Glass - Sea Scenes with fish and dolphins

One of the types of more elaborate scenes I have had numerous requests for are seascapes. Sea scenes usually involve more complex individual glass segments as well as more pieces per unit area. Thus the cost, per square foot, is often 1.5 to 2 times my more geometric layouts.

Custom Stained Glass - Sea Scene one fish two fish The panels shown on the right cover the lower area of a side by side set of standard double hung windows. The space covered is approximately 2 foot high by 4 foot wide. The scene is tropical fish, sea weeds, and some coral. The individual elements are taken from "Tropical Waters - Sea Life Patterns for Stained Glass" by Leslie Gibbs. The arrangement is mine.

The design and colors were selected to match the client's bathroom tiles. The water is done in four shades of Spectrum Blue Waterglass ®, the sea weeds in two shades of Spectrum Green Waterglass ®, and the coral is a pink opal glass.

The fish depicted are French Angelfish and Spotfin Butterfly fish.

Custom Stained Glass - Sea Scene dolphins at sun set Custom Stained Glass - Sea Scene under water fish The panels shown left and right depict an above and below water scene. The left panel, above the water, is installed above the right panel, the below water scene. The panel set is installed in oak framing not shown in these photographs.

The panels cover a fixed window 4 foot high by 2 foot wide area, a size too large for me to ship as a single panel, from the East to the West Coast. The solution is a two panel design in oak frames with a horizontal frame "joiner" between them.

The upper panel follows a photo, supplied by the client, of dolphins playing at sun set. They are playful mammals! Perhaps they appreciate my depiction of them saying Good Night to our setting sun. The dolphin images are bevel clusters from Warner-Crivellaro ®, one of my suppliers. The blues used in the sky are Sky Blue and Pale Blue Spectrum Rough Rolled, to yield privacy, along with Pink Opal clouds and a Ruby Red Cathedral sun. The dolphins are surrounded by Light Blue Waterglass ®.

The lower panel, below the sea surface, contains three bevel fish and elements similar to the sea elements in the panel set above. The bevel fish, from Warner-Crivellaro ®, depict a Tiger fish and small angel fish. The water is Medium Blue and Cobalt Blue Spectrum Waterglass ® while the sea weeds are Spectrum Moss Green and Olive Green / Sea Green Waterglass ®. The coral is a pink Bulls Eye glass with a surface texture that resembles coral.

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