Mosaic Cross Design

Mosaic Cross As an initial design for a potential client I created this large fused circular disk depiction of a cross from an image supplied by the client. The photo shows the cross disk inserted into a viewing stand.

The disk is two layers of Spectrum Clear 1/8" Fusing glass with the cross segments placed between the layers. As the layers melt the cross segments and the clear sheets melt together. Air bubbles trapped between the layers are common with a piece created in this manner. They usually occur near the edges of the pieces between the layers. These are part of the unique features of a fired glass piece. In this case due to the size of the blank, 12", some of the bubbles are large but none broke through the surface.

Mosaic Cross in Window A fused disk like this could be surrounded with a zinc outer perimeter and a hanging hook attached for display in a window. The view would be similar to the image on the right that has the disk in a window in our home.

Based on my client's preferences the final piece was a lead came rectangular panel, with a slightly curved upper portion. The cross was the same size but set into an approximate 14" wide by 19" high panel.

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