Custom Stained Glass Mirror Wall Hangings

Below are shown three different style mirrors. They all have borders made from opal glass. This allows the color of the border to be seen when displayed against a wall.

Custom Stained Glass Bevel Mirror Wall Hanging This custom stained glass mirror wall hanging made from Mika's mirrored bevel cluster Rising Sun II, a border of Spectrum Colonial Blue Semi Translucent Opalescent glass, and an Oak frame with a natural finish.

The dimensions of this beautiful custom stained glass living room piece are 18" by 32". The border trim is available in a wide range of stained glass colors to coordinate with your home decoration needs. The hardwood frame is available in Red Oak, Natural finish Cherry, American Walnut, and Mahogany.

Custom Stained Glass Small Wall Mirror Custom Stained Glass Red Border Wall Mirror The mirror on the left is a small 8" by 12" mirror with a border made from blue opal with iridescent white opal in the corners.

The mirror on the right is larger, at 12" by 18". It has a deep red opal border with some white iridized segments to add visual interest.

The border region can be made from any of the many colors and color mixtures available in opal glass and thus coordinate perfectly with your interior color scheme.

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