Custom Bevel Window Hanging Designs with Stained Glass Trim

Stained Glass Large Bevel hanging design with dark blue borderdesign Stained Glass Large Bevel hanging design with light blue border These designs are extensions of the smaller bevel hangings I've been making for years. The layout is nine columns of bevels plus a color border to yield a 16" width. The height is approximately 24". I try to arrange the different length bevels to make rising or falling patterns from the two smaller size bevels.

The hanging on the left has a dark blue border, Spectrum Waterglass ® Cobalt Blue 136W, while the one on the right has a light blue border, Spectrum Waterglass ® Light Blue 132W. Each hanging has a Cobalt Blue 35mm jewel attached to a 1.5" square bevel to add some visual contrast to the bevel space.

There are many layout possibilities and the border color is only limited by the available stained glass colors. My personal taste is to have a medium to dark color so that the border trim clearly defines the bevel space.

This design uses a zinc outer frame and lead interior came. The came around the colored border is thicker then that around the bevels. No cement is used so that the maximum bevel area is revealed. Two solid brass hooks are soldered to the zinc frame. Panels of this size with so many bevels weight 7 lbs. So I include some sturdy hanging chain and hooks appropriate for wood window trim. All my panels are waxed and signed.