Custom Jerusalem Cross Tile

I no longer do fusing. Please use the link above to go to the current home page.

Jerusalem Cross Tile on White Jerusalem Cross Tile on Clear In February of 2016 my wife and I visited Jerusalem. On the last day there we were in an Armenian Gift shop in the "Old City" and I saw some decorative boxes that had a tile inlay on the top of a Jerusalem Cross. The Jerusalem Cross tile was just what I wanted! The shop keeper said - "We have some in our kiln right now, please come back tomorrow and we will have one for you." Sadly, I left Jerusalem without one. This style cross is sometimes called a Crusaders' Cross.

Since I do kiln work I decided to make my own, it's an 8" square. While it's not a souvenir from our actual journey, it does bring back some memories.

I've made the tile with two different backgrounds:

The tile on the white background makes a great display item when held by a stand, as in the photo on the left. It also can be used as a small trivet.

The tile on the clear glass makes a beautiful window decoration or a small trivet. It is shown on the right as a trivet with small neoprene bumpers attached to the lower corners. For a window hanging two hanging hooks would be fused into the glass for hanging.

Jerusalem Cross Hanging Tile As with many fused glass pieces the placement of the glass pieces can influence the final product. In the image on the left the red pieces that form the crosses were place between the two layers of clear glass. These pieces result in the two layers of clear glass fusing together at the edges but leaving larger air spaces around the crosses. This dramatically changes the appearance of the final piece. This image also shows two small hanging hooks fused between the clear glass layers to allow for hanging.