Hexagonal Garden Terrarium Design

I no longer make this item. Please use the link below to go to the currently made Terrarium designs page.

My leaded art glass terrarium designs.

All having a Victorian "feel". The larger terrarium designs, with an interior volumes of 1.5 to almost 2 sq ft, are true Wardian Case for the serious indoor plant grower. I also offer an option of a lead free terrarium, in my Small Garden design. Details about each design are contained in the fact sheet that you can download via the links provided. Each is a one page PDF file.

Stained Glass - Hexagonal Terrarium A Hexagonal Garden Design:

The terrarium is hexagonal in shape with each side approximately 7" wide. This yields a 12" spacing of opposite sides and a 13.5" spacing between base points. The height of about 14.5".

Like my other terrarium designs:

The lower trim is a green opal glass. The upper curved segments of the base are light green GNA glass (German New Antique). GNA glass is a clear glass with antique lines. The rest of the lower walls are clear glass.

In this design the top, the roof, completely lifts off allowing full access to the growing space. The plastic tray, used to hold the growing material and plants, is removable once the top has been taken off. The photo on the left shows the top removed from the base.

The top is removed by grasping the finial ornament and lifting it off the base.

While the top may look uniform it is a handmade item and only fits onto the lip around the lower section in one orientation. There are small brass wire pieces soldered to the top side and the base side that match. This is shown in the third photo on the right. This photo also shows the small brass corners that are attached to the top sections of the base. These add a decorative look to the lower base as well as providing structures that make sure the top cannot be accidentally knocked off.

To obtain the Information Sheet on The Hexagonal Garden Terrarium, a one page PDF file, use the following link -- Hexagonal Garden Info. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

Two additional photographs of the Hexagonal Garden showing different views of this style terrarium:

Stained Glass - Hexagonal Terrarium parts Stained Glass - Hexagonal Terrarium Top View

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