Melted Glass Blanks and Plates

Items on this page can be shipped internationally using the First-Class Package International Service of the USPS.

Fusing is the process where glass is heated in a kiln to a specific temperature so that a desired modification to the glass occurs. A kiln firing is heating the glass to one of these temperatures. Beyond the usual fusing ranges there is the temperature at which glass becomes molten and flows as a viscous fluid.

The patterns and color shapes are random and unique to each melting. In the samples shown I am using a stainless steel mesh with a 1/4" spacing. This spacing yields a pattern into the melted glass blank that has a visual effect like fish scales, at least to me. This pattern can be altered some by the height of the mesh above the kiln shelf or by using a mesh with a different spacing.

Glass Melt Load in Kiln On the left is shown the stacked glass on a stainless steel mesh ready to fire. Around the glass pieces are four ceramic strips to keep the glass centered above the capture area below. These pieces are from a fusing mold that broke

The capture area form, made from kiln fiber, is just visible as the white material on the shelf just beyond the four ceramic strips. The molten glass falls through the mesh and fills the form area.

Glass Melt Blank The result of a melting is a glass blank. In the sample shown the blank is an 8" square. It could be used as an art piece with no further firings or as a blank to create an 8" plate.

Each melted blank will be unique. The blank shown on the right was made from 2/3 of Spectrum Clear fusible glass used, by weight, and the following colors in decreasing amounts:

If you are interested in such glass melt art please contact me via the email link below. I would be especially interested in the colors you might like in your art piece.

Packing, shipping and insurance depends some on the distance from Durham, NC. Within the continental 48 states it is usually in the $10 to $20 range. Up to 4 blanks or plates can be shipped in the same box at the same cost, thus a significant savings. Different shaped plates can be mixed with up to a total of 4 for the same cost as one plate would be.

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