Fused Glass Special Event Gift Dishes

All my gift dishes are made from two layers of glass. The top layer is always clear glass so that I can paint the desired letters, numbers, images, etc. on to it. The paint is a special fusing paint which at the correct temperature permanently bonds into the clear glass.

The second layer of glass can be clear as well or any of a number of opal colors. A White Opal base gives good definition for a wide range of colors for the letters, numbers, etc.

Fusing is the process where glass is heated in a kiln to a specific temperature so that the desired modification to the glass occurs. A kiln firing is heating the glass to one of these temperatures. These dishes use two firings. The first fuses the two glass blanks into a single flat glass piece as well as fuses the paint into the top layer of glass. The second firing slumps the flat glass to the desired shape on a clay mold.

The following images show two wedding gift plates.

Clear on Clear Gift Dish Clear on White Opal Gift Dish

The dishes shown are 10" long, 5" wide and about 1" deep.

My Garden View A My Graden View B

The dish can also depict a wide range of designs limited only by the size of the disk and the colors available, of which there are many. Here are two views of a plate I recently fired depicting two flowers. The image on the right has the plate held at an angle by a small plastic stand. For this plate the flowers are made from pieces of colored fusing glass that was placed between the two layers of glass that make up the plate. The white center of the flowers is a small piece placed on top of the top layer of glass. During fusing it sinks into the top layer. The large pieces between the layers effects how the glass layers join together during the fusing. Each flower is surrounded by a halo of white glass. There are also some small air bubbles trapped in the green flower stem areas. Lots of unique character to the plate!

There are a number of different size dishes, glass blanks, etc. that I can make. The size and detail of what is to be drawn on the piece influences the final cost.

For the 10" long, 5" wide plate shown with some simple lettering, like that shown, the cost is $99 including shipping via USPS Priority mail within the USA.

For long life, the recommended care for any fused glass dish is:

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