Fused Celtic Knot Designs

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Fusing is the process where glass is heated in a kiln to a specific temperature so that a desired modification to the glass occurs. A kiln firing is heating the glass to one of these temperatures. There are three common temperature ranges used with each modifying the glass in a different manner.

Most of the objects that I fuse used two firings. However the Celtic Knots are done in a single fusing range temperature firing. The dark green glass segments are positioned on the kiln shelf. Then two disks of clear glass are place on top along with some elements for the hanging piece. During the fusing process the heavy two heavy glass disks bond into one piece and gravity forces them down over the green pieces forming a single blank of glass.

Celtic Knot Kiln Load On the left is shown the pieces loaded into my kiln ready to fire. The kiln shelf appears a light pink. A special kiln wash is applied to a shelf prior to firing so the glass will not stick to the ceramic shelf material. When fired the wash changes from pink to white so you can tell the wash has not been fired. Sometime two firings can be done before the kiln wash needs to be removed and reapplied. When a piece represents a lot of work one firing for the wash coating is the best rule.

The dark pencil like object, at the right of the image, is the thermocouple that senses the temperature in the kiln. Most modern kilns use a microprocessor to control the firing based on the temperature sensed and the time periods desired.

Celtic Knot Hanging The image on the right shows the fired blank. During the firing small air bubbles are often formed in the glass. Do to the interaction of the lower layer green pieces that make up the knot design and the two upper layers of clear glass the bubble seem to cluster near the Celtic Knot. The visual image created by the bubbles adds to the beauty of this single segment hanging.

This glass disk is 9" in diameter.

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