Custom Stained Glass Door Inserts

Trying to repair or remodel an existing door can be a challenge. The sizes and shapes of door inserts are endless. This is when my ability to fit a custom design to your door's unique size is indispensable. Below are samples of some door remodeling efforts. The individual panels are approximately 7" by 12".

On the left is shown an insert using Spectrum Clear Baroque glass around a four-piece bevel cluster. The photo was taken with a light source behind the panel to simulate the nighttime appearance of the panel when interior lights are on.

In the center is a set of door inserts made from rectangular bevels. The panels are 12" high and 7 1/8"wide.

On the right is a photo of one of these panels taken at night. The photo is from the outside looking in to a lighted room.

Custom Stained Glass - Bevel Cluster Door Inserts Custom Stained Glass - Bevel Door Inserts Custom Stained Glass - Bevel Door Insert at night

Door inserts can be larger then the samples shown above. On the left is a panel, almost like a small transom, that is installed into a custom door made many years ago by the client's father. It uses 10" rectangular bevels, clear textured glass, and six small opal squares in red, blue, and white.

Custom Larger Door Insert Due to ground shipping limitations it is difficult to ship large door inserts, those exceeding about 5 square foot in size. However, if you have a need, send an email and I will discuss the options available.

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