How does the custom panel process work?

There are three phases:

  1. The Design phase where your involvement defines the style, color and any special needs.
  2. The Construction phase where the panel is built based on the approved design.
  3. The Packing and Shipping phase

The Design Phase:

The Construction Phase, general comments:

The Construction Phase, detail of the steps involved:

  1. Generate a full-scale drawing used for construction and to confirm glass segment size.
  2. Cutting the perimeter zinc came which establishes the panel's size.
  3. If the central element is a complex layout, like the Celtic Bevel Knots, I fabricate this section as a single unit to be integrated into the panel. (Only some panels need this step.)
  4. Glass segment cutting and grinding and the cutting and shaping of the lead came that surrounds these elements.
  5. Solder the connections of the lead and zinc came.
  6. Cementing the panel.
  7. After 2 or 3 days, when the cement is dry, the panel is cleaned and then polished with a wax.

The Packing and Shipping Phase:

To see this information in PDF format use the following link -- How does the custom panel process work? It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

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