Curved Clear Terrarium Roof Designs

I no longer make this item. Please use the link below to go to the currently made Terrarium Designs page.

Curved Clear Terrarium Roof Designs.

This page shows a new product feature available for my Crystal Palace" and Bevel House terrarium designs, namely a clear curved roof fabrication.


Curved Clear Roof - Long Side The individual sections of glass are formed by a low temperature slump in a glass kiln. The image on the right shows my prototype layout. It shows the full length of the roof. Masking tape is used to hold the sections in place.

For both the Crystal Palace and the Bevel House:

The two images below show additional views of the prototype roof. The sections are held in place with strips of masking tape. The small green dots on the long glass sections are numbers to identify the slumped pairs of glass.

Curved Clear Roof - End View Curved Clear Roof - Top View