Custom Stained Glass Beveled Window Hanging

There are many bevel clusters and art glass colors. This page just shows a few of the possible arrangements. If you have an interest please send me an email describing what you might want in a large window hanging.
There is a link at the bottom of this page with my email address.

Pineapple Bevel Design

Custom Pineapple Bevel Hanging Custom Pineapple Hanging in Frame On the left is shown a window hanging that is approximately 13" wide and 18" high. The center bevel cluster is a colored bevel cluster by the MIKA Company. It depicts a pineapple in light brown and light green colors. The Pineapple cluster is surrounded by Glue Chip textured glass and then a 1.5" wide border of Spectrum Cobalt Blue WaterGlass®.

The same panel is shown on the right set into an American Cherry hardwood frame. With the wood frame the size increases to 15" wide and 20" high.

I stock American Walnut, American Cherry, Red Oak and Mahogany hardwoods for framing. Other exotic wood species are available for special order if desired.

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4-Piece Star Bevel Custom Design

Blue Bevel Hanging Blue Bevel Hanging Corner Detail On the left is shown a window hanging that is approximately 15" wide and 18" high. The center bevel cluster is a four piece star. This is surrounded by a clear textured glue chip glass from the Duncan Company called Tsunami glass. While it is no longer manufactured, I still have a large supply on hand of this beautiful texture. Surrounding the clear textured glass is a border of bevels. The corner bevels are inner quarter circle pieces. This yields a rectangular shape with curved corners. Finally the bevels are surrounded with a 1.5" colored glass border. In the image shown the border glass is Spectrum Sky Blue / Deep Steel WaterGlass ®.

On the right is a photo showing the lower right corner detail of this panel. It shows the beautiful texture of the Tsunami glass and some of the color variation effect for the two color WaterGlass border.

Green Bevel Hanging On the left is shown the same style panel with a Spectrum Sea Green WaterGlass ® border and the 4 piece bevel cluster being frosted bevels. A frosted bevel has the flat top of the bevel having a texture like frosted glass. The bevel still has the slanted edge so such bevels produce the color prism effect associated with all beveled glass.

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Other Large Bevel Custom Design

Custom Stained Glass Bevel Window Hanging Blue Bevel WIndow Cover There are many large bevel clusters. Here I just show two samples of custom bevel cluster window hangings. In general then have a large complex central bevel cluster, some clear textured glass surrounding the bevels, and one or two borders. Borders can be constructed from rectangular bevels or colored art glass, usually a Spectrum WaterGlass ® color for its beauty.

Panels can be set into hardwood frames or left with just the zinc came outer perimeter, as shown in the 4-Piece Star panels above. I use zinc perimeter came for all larger panels for strength.

On the left is a large 11 piece cluster surrounded by textured Glue Chip glass. There is then a border of 1.5" rectangular bevel border and finally a 1.5" border of Spectrum Medium Blue WaterGlass®. The piece is set in an oak frame. The image edge is too dark to see the actual wood color.

On the right is another double border window cover. The exposed glass is a 20" square. The panel is set into a wood frame to mate with the lower part of a double hung window. The outer border is Medium Blue Spectrum WaterGlass ® and the clear textured glass is Tsunami.

Framing for all panels is available in Red Oak, Natural finish Cherry, American Walnut, and Mahogany. The panels can also be left with just the zinc perimeter came and hanging hooks soldered to the zinc.

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