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Arts and Crafts Custom Stained Glass Hanging - The Rising and Setting Sun.

Arts and Crafts Custom Stained Glass Hanging - The Rising and Setting Sun The photograph on the left shows a window hanging approximately 20" wide by 23" high. It is an adaptation of a sketch by Alex Spatz in his book "Prairie Designs for Stained Glass Windows II" which contains many drawings inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The color selections, final size, and detail shapes are my own. My title for the panel Rising and Setting Sun says it all. Art Deco Custom Stained Glass - Moon Transom

The design uses seven different glasses, four textures, and two sizes of lead came. The clear glasses, which dominate the total surface area, are Spectrum Clear Waterglass ® and a special clear rough rolled. The clear textures are difficult to see in the photograph. The larger clear pieces are Waterglass while most of the smaller pieces are rough rolled. The rising sun is Spectrum Yellow Waterglass ® while the setting sun is Spectrum Medium Amber Rough Rolled. The two sun images dominate the visual area. The colored pattern areas are made from German New Antique (GNA) light green and light blue glass and a little Spectrum Pale Amber Cathedral.

I've also used this pattern to construct transoms, with either the rising or setting sun used. For a transom set each gets one of each sun. The photo on the right shows another variation of my "Suns" panels. This is a Moon transom. The moon is made from Spectrum Firelight Opal®. This deeply textured white opal glass yield a light red visual effect at the top curved portions of the surface dimples. I assume it is due to some internal light refraction related to the variation in glass thickness and shape. Spectrum selected an appropriate name, Firelight, to describe this unique glass effect.

Art Deco Transom and Sidelight Set

Art Deco Custom Stained Glass - Transom The photograph shows a transom for a single width doorway. It is 28" wide and 14" high. The white glass is Spectrum clear translucent (307S) while the small yellow segments are Spectrum semi-translucent yellow opal. All the clear glass segments are Spectrum Clear Waterglass ®. The lead came used is two different sizes, most is flat 1/4" with some flat 3/8". The golden tone of the clear glass is due to the fall background viewed through this window.

Art Deco - Sidelight Set Art Deco - Sidelight Closeup The photograph shows a sidelight set that is an adaptation of a sketch by Alex Spatz in one of his Prairie Designs books. Each panel is 13" wide and 32" high. The glass used are: Spectrum Clear Baroque ®, Teal and Light Amber Spectrum Waterglass® for the one color areas, and Ruby Red / Amber and Sky Blue / Deep Steel Spectrum Waterglass® for the two color regions. The two-tone blue segments are dark in the full set image. The close-up of the top of one panel shown on the right gives a better view of these beautiful two-tone Spectrum Waterglass® segments.

Art Deco Custom Stained Glass Cabinet Doors

Art Deco Custom Stained Glass - Cabinet Doors Art Deco Custom Stained Glass - Cabinet Doors detail These photographs show a set of custom stained glass cabinet doors where the plain glass was replaced by an Art Deco custom stained glass design. A set of doors is shown on the left and the detail of the upper portion of one door is shown on the right. The doors are approximately 30" high and 12" wide.

The design uses four different glasses. The outer clear glass is Spectrum Clear Waterglass ® while the inner clear glass is Spectrum clear rough rolled. The central area is Spectrum Colonial Blue Translucent Opal glass. The two other colored regions are Spectrum Steel Blue Translucent Opal glass.

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