Custom Stained Glass American Flag Hanging

American Flag American Flag in Window The image on the left is of a 13" by 19" American Flag hanging with a bevel border. The panel is set into an American Walnut frame. The actual dimensions of the flag portion are 8" by 13".

The image on the right shows the same panel resting on the upper part of one of our windows. The panel is sized so that it easily fits as a hanging in front of regular window. It can also be hung in an interior space or against a wall.

The blue field, or UNION, is a fused glass segment with 50 "stars". The stars are 1/4" white squares that are positioned diagonally on a glass blank and then fired to create a single glass segment. The temperature of the firing is such that the stars are a little raised of the blue surface. This adds to their visibility and yield a 3-dimension feel to them.

The image below shows the Union as it comes from my kiln. It is 4.25" by 5.5".

The blue field is Spectrum Cobalt Blue Cathedral firing glass (136-SF) and the stars are Spectrum White Opal firing glass (200-SF). The red strips are Spectrum Cherry Red Cathedral (151) and the white strips are Spectrum regular White Opal (200). The flag region is constructed using the copper foil method so that the smaller parts show better. The copper foiled flag is then mated with a clear rectangular bevel border using lead came and soldered to an outer zinc came frame. Finally, the panel is set into an American Walnut frame with a satin finish polyurethane finish applied.

All my hanging panels come with hooks and hanging chain included.

The framing is available in Red Oak, Natural finish Cherry, American Walnut, and Mahogany. Other exotic woods are available as special order items.

Flag Blue Field with Stars

A number of years ago I made a large American Flag window hanging. Its construction, especially the blue field with 50 stars, was very time consuming and I never made another. It is still on my site as a no longer active page. This link will take you to that deprecated page, but it will only link back to my current Custom Designs page. From there you can easily return to this page under that section.
Custom Apples and American Flag Hanging.

Thus with my current ability to fuse glass, I am able to achieve a design which can accurately depict our flag with a reasonable amount of effort.

There are many border treatments besides the simple rectangular bevels possible.

Different sizes are possible within the limit of my kiln. I can fire a blue field at twice the size used for this panel. This would yield a flag twice as large. This would yield a flag portion of 16" by 26".

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