Video About Art Glass Panel Construction

This video describes the main steps in fabricating an art glass leaded panel. The video does not autoload so you need to start the download and viewing by using the start control button. If you connection is slow you may want to stop the video after a second or two and let the download get well ahead of the playing point. It functions on newer versions of IE, Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

For Internet Explorer Browser users, you may need to:

This page demonstrates native video support under browse levels that support HTML5. The HTML code needed is just a few simple lines plus the native support the browser offers. No scripts, java code, third party video viewers, etc. are needed. Most older levels of web browsers do not understand these new features so you may just see a message saying sorry. The video on Art Glass Panel Construction is 2:16 minutes in length. The video file size ranges from 9.8 Megs for WEBM format to 10.5 Megs under MP4 format. So a video download may take some time. The original AVI video is 260 Megs and was taken at 640 by 480 pixels with a Canon PowerShot SD770 IS set on standard video mode. The pixel size used for the video formats was left at the camera settings of 640 by 480. I converted the AVI file using Windows Live Movie Player to a 117 WMV file before converting to the final webm, or mp4 files.

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